Isa, I appreciate you tremendously

The door opened…

A beautiful spontaneous girl stood in the doorway.

Even the biggest and deepest ocean cannot measure up to your beauty. Of such beauty, mirrors can break with admiration for your perfection and magic.

You are a true beauty and super sweet.
A sparkling smile and eyes to drown in. 
Like a diamond, your beauty is one-of-a-kind and priceless.
Your skin so beautiful and your lips so seductive, with shining bright eyes.
I can’t take my eyes off you.
I have never met such a beautiful girl in my life. 

I appreciate you tremendously, dear Isa and will definitely come back to you!

Fantastic girls and definitely recommended

After hesitating for a while, I sent Isa a message and I did not regret it at all. Isa is a very sweet girl and the communication is fantastic. She listens carefully to the wishes and understands them. Finally I had a date with Mila and what a fantastic girl she is, very sweet, caring and very stunning. She is full of smiles and likes to talk so the stress was soon gone and I could enjoy the lovely evening together. At the end Isa always asks how the date went, which gives an extra personal touch to the experience, in short, fantastic girls and definitely recommended

Even only thinking about her gives me the smiles!

Even only thinking about her gives me the smiles! I got to meet with Isa 6 months ago but feels like if I know her for ever now. She makes everything at ease and knows how to treat a person. When I was browsing her site it seemed like too good to be true, but as you start talking with her and even when you start spending time with her you realize how little the site is showing! She is truly amazing and addictive:).

Dear Isa really much looking forward to our mini trip.

I recently had the chance to experience a fantastic evening with Isa

I recently had the chance to experience a fantastic evening with Isa. It was easy to make an appointment, everything went very smoothly and flexible. Isa has a fantastic look with such a lovely smile. She is small in stature and has a very nice slim body. Besides that, she is a very pretty and brainy girl. She immediately puts you at ease. The sex was beyond doubt delightful and she knows her job well! I will definitely want to see her more often! Highly recommended!

I knew I had made the right decision for a relaxing night out together

I had a wonderful evening with Isa. Immediately when I saw her beautiful smiling face, I knew I had made the right decision for a relaxing night out together. I have enjoyed it to the max!

Certain moments in your life you will never forget!

Certain moments in your life you will never forget! One of those moments is meeting Isa. At first I scheduld a date to meet Isa, but just before our date she asked me if I would like her girlfriend to join us. I thought oh well, this is crazy but before I knew I was in bed with two gorgeous ladies. I will omit you the details but I can tell you that if heaven is real, I have already been there! Everything Isa describes on her website is true, she is a fantastic girl just like her friend. We chatted, ate and drank a bit afterwards and I promised we would do this again. Well ladies believe me we will definitely do that again!! But before that I want a date with Isa alone because there is still so much to discover.

Big kiss from a huge fan!

If you want and to take your relationship to the next level, Isa is the one for you!

We had such a great evening with Isa. She immediately put us at ease with her positive energy. If you want and to take your relationship to the next level, Isa is the one for you!

I had the pleasure of having a dinner date with Isa

Last week I had the pleasure of having a dinner date with Isa. Being in direct contact with Isa makes it easier to make an appointment. Isa is a beautiful luminous young woman and she knows what she wants. She enjoys life to the full, you can see it at everything she does. It’s also such a pleasure between the sheets with Isa. It is really nice to be with her in every way. It’s a superior girl. I am already looking forward to our next appointment!

You are a very beautiful, naughty but also such a sweet woman.

Dear Isa, It was a pleasure having a date with you. You are a very beautiful, naughty but also such a sweet woman.
Gorgeous body, beautiful face and in your eyes I could drown. When we made connection I noticed that you were enjoying too and that is very nice.
We will certainly meet again. Greets B.

Isa takes the initiative and she takes the time

Isa is very good at what she does. She sincerely enjoys the time she spends with you. Me and my friend experienced a very natural situation and the tension that I had at first, quickly disappeared. Isa takes the initiative and she takes the time. Beyond that she is such a presence with her beautiful cute smile!! Thanks a lot for the wonderfull evening and great experience!

Isa is a sexy, caring, beautiful woman who made us never want the night to end.

My girlfriend and I recently visited Amsterdam and had the pleasure of having Isa over to join us for some fun. This was the first time my girlfriend has been with another woman and her first threesome. Isa exceeded all of our expectations. She really made my girlfriend feel comfortable and everything felt natural for the both of us. Our night was filled with passion, romance and was beyond our wildest dreams. Isa is a sexy, caring, beautiful woman who made us never want the night to end. We are looking forward to getting together with her again very soon! Xoxo

Can’t wait for my next date with her.

My time with Isa was amazing; she just ticks all the boxes. Can’t wait for my next date with her.

We are obsessing over seeing you again! We would love to figure out a way to take you on a holiday with us!

Hi Isa! We are obsessing over seeing you again! We would love to figure out a way to take you on a holiday with us!
Anyway, here’s my review: Isa was an absolute delight. Engaging, funny, sensual and beautiful only begin to describe her. My husband and I found her so easy to get along with, starting the evening with a lovely dinner date. Her dining recommendation was fantastic, with her serving the best desserts afterwards. Great memories that will be with us a long time! We can’t wait to see her again!

So, to all you couples out there, if you’ve ever thought about having a threesome and want to find someone you can trust

So, to all you couples out there, if you’ve ever thought about having a threesome and want to find someone you can trust and who’s also incredibly sexy then please don’t look any further. Myself and my boyfriend had one of the best experiences of our lives with Isa. In person, Isa was everything we could have hoped for and more. She’s respectful, fun, beautiful and very talented! A fantasy that we’d had for many years ended up being even better in reality. I don’t know if I can ever beat the evening we spent with Isa but we’re definitely going to give it another try!

I had the fortune to meet Isa recently at my place for a wonderful evening together in Amsterdam

I had the fortune to meet Isa recently at my place for a wonderful evening together in Amsterdam. Upon her arrival I was pleasantly surprised with her beauty as well as her classy and sexy appearance. It was hard to keep my eyes of her as we enjoyed a glass of champagne together. Isa is a very entertaining young woman and we had a very relaxed and pleasant time together chatting like friends instead of somebody I have just met.
I had a great evening with her and am looking forward to spending another great night together with this gorgeous angel.

Isa is a beautiful girl with a lovely smile and gorgeous body.

We are a couple who wanted a new experience and have a threesome. We vere a little bit scared for the hole situation but sweet Isa calmed us down and brought us a magic night. Isa is a beautiful girl with a lovely smile and gorgeous body. Hope to meet you again XXX

Pffff how incredibly delicious, my fantasies came true, she is the very best, I even came twice!

Yesterday I booked Lovelyisa for three hours. It was my first time to do something like this. I was looking for some excitemen and after searching the internet I came across Lovelyisa and I immediately felt attracted about her, how she describes herself gave me the feeling, she is one of a kind! Elite escort on top! We texted quit a long time and at a certain moment, I decided, I am going to do this!! Yesterday it happend, Isa came to my house at 9 p.m. and we drank a delicious rosé champagne. She immediately put me at ease and gave a familiar feeling. Nevertheless I was still a bit nervous and tentative. But fifteen minutes later I was completely relaxed and we started where she came for … Pffff how incredibly delicious, my fantasies came true, she is the very best, I even came twice! That didn’t happened for a long time! I still see in mind those beautiful green eyes and her beautiful body… thank you Lovelyisa! A second date will definitely take place!

Isa is mind-blowing sexy but also charmingly sweet.

Isa is mind-blowing sexy but also charmingly sweet. We had a great night. Isa really enjoys the date. She is honest and sincerely interested in other people. She is both the perfect conversational partner and sex partner.

Just do it, you will not regret it! Isa, thanks you so much for the incredible dates together.

I have the pleasure of knowing Isa for a while now and she is a true sweetheart. Like in the contact before the date and during the date, it is perfect. Isa is a young, stunning and natural woman with brains. Whatever you want to do with Isa she adapts easily but also stays true to herself. For example, I had the pleasure of having a drink, eating and talking about everything and afterwards in the bedroom we starter a new adventure. Time flies with Isa on your side and I would like to say to anyone who has the slightest doubts. Just do it, you will not regret it! Isa, thanks you so much for the incredible dates together.

Love to see you soon! X H

Hawaii trip

What started as a vague plan to go to Maui over thanksgiving break and celebrate James’ 45th birthday turned into quite a life-changing experience.

Just slightly over 2 months ago we were visiting Amsterdam and met a lovely lady, named Isa. We had one fantastic night with her that was emblazoned in our collective memory. For Ken and I it was a major change in the way we appreciated each other and the love we have. I think of it as a type of sex therapy. It allowed for a new awakening in me a spark that was buried deep inside.

After meeting Isa in Amsterdam for one night, our last in Amsterdam. We could not stop thinking about her and that one great night. The thought of it lit a new flame between us. I had been awakened to a new vibration that had been severely blocked and it felt so amazing. James declared the trip to Maui his birthday trip and I was on-board to make it memorable. I was still struggling with people judging me and me feeling less than authentic when I feel like I have a big secret. I found ways to overcome this by telling my most trusted friends, who happen to be more open-minded than a lot of people. Thanks to them I realized it’s ok to tell other people, but also not necessary to feel good – it’s my own inner-acceptance that really matters and not worrying about what other people think. The beautiful thing about all that is it’s very much Isa’s mindset as well and that has helped clarify for me as well as calm all my inner negative talk.

The enlightening side coincided with amazing explorations of our bodies and what they were capable of, I knew I wasn’t fully accepting of my body and struggled to learn on my own about what truly gave me pleasure. Isa is a nurturing soul that makes the process more than just a transaction, it was clearly a pleasure for her to teach and pleasure us. She is a lover of life and people of all types. I can feel her empathy -she is wise beyond her years. I’m so happy to have met her and can’t wait to see her again. To a couple who may be interested, yet apprehensive, I want you to know that she is the ultimate, upper-echelon of anything you could think up. If you are not sure what to do she is the expert you are looking for to learn some new tricks. This truly felt like the vacation of a lifetime. We had been to this location before, it was truly Isa that made all the difference for us. Her energy is not something you see every day. She will make a lasting impression.

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’.

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. Two days after the date, there’s still a smile on my face when I think back of the evening. Two hours seem to feel like an eternity.

Isa is sweet, spicy and pure. She has the gift to bring down walls around you in a very natural way. It shows that she loves people and at the same time she stays close to her innerself. Not to mention her natural urge for passion on and under the sheets. Every long journey begins with a small step, they say. With Isa there is still so much to discover. CU soon! X

I’ve met with Isa a few times and I keep wanting her to come back.

I’ve met with Isa a few times and I keep wanting her to come back. She’s the perfect mix of smart, classy, beautiful and sexy. She made me feel comfortable and at ease and did everything to take my wishes into consideration. Thinking about when I see her take off her clothes turns me on like crazy and I can’t wait for the next time I see that again.

I cannot wait to see you again Isa and am counting the days until that is possible…

Lovely Isa is truly lovely. I have had the good fortune to have had several dates with her and each time she is delightful. She is slightly mysterious yet puts you at ease. She takes her role and time with you seriously while being playful. She is a good conversationalist, whether she fully dressed or completely naked.
I cannot wait to see you again Isa and am counting the days until that is possible…

Charming Lady

Today I had my first date with Lovely Isa. Contacted her long time ago, she was not able to date that period, we both forgot to contact each other again. What will I say ? She is a very friendly, smart and charming young lady who is interested in people and makes a man feel good when with her. I had a very nice relax time with her, it will definitely not be our last. She has high level courtesy and I am that happy I found her. My extra courtisane, because sometimes, two is better than one.

Longing for more

Isa such a gorgeous young lady! Firstly she’s fresh and elegant, enthusiastic, sweet and also a very nice conversation partner, on the other hand she is very naughty, rare delicious and a temptress in optima forma. What an appearance… at my request she was dressed semi-casual, but she surprised me by combining this with a deep cleavage, behind which were hidden her beautiful breasts. Isa doesn’t need a bra, and that has nothing to do with her cup size (C) but with the firmness of her lovely bosom. I still doubt what’s most seductive about her, her gorgeous breasts or her beautiful green eyes. While my eyes wandered, Isa opened a bottle of wine. After the toast and the first drink, we quickly moved from the sofa to the bedroom. And what happened there … I’m not going to reveal everything and keep the details to myself. But this was really as good as it gets. Breasts, behinds, her flexibility, it was a party. Afterwards we cuddled and talked. Isa, this hungers for more, much more. I would like to whisper in your ear again sometime soon about all we’re going to do…

I feel an addiction coming!

I found Isa on Twitter, visited her website and my interest was immediately aroused. Making the appointment was easy via WhatsApp. Today was finally the day of our first date. I was warmly welcomed in a beautiful, luxurious apartment where we immediately started with the champagne rose. Isa has such a beautiful appearance and her warm personality put me immediately at ease. After a pleasant conversation I was allowed to choose a lingerie set for her in her walk-in closet.I went into the bedroom while she changed clothes. The door opened and she entered. What a beautiful sexy woman stood there in front of me! Pleasure in sex remains tailor-made and Isa felt almost perfectly how she could fill it in. I can’t wait to see her again. I feel an addiction coming!!

The best girlfriend experience

Isa, I’m so glad I got to know you! We’ve only had one date yet, but it felt so familiar. You really made me feel like I was dating my dearest girlfriend. I am still enjoying our date and look forward to our next one.

Your youngest customer!

The risk of falling in love

I’ve had a crush on Isa for a long time. Her website and twitter account intrigued me, but I never dared to take the plunge. Until a week ago…

She received me in a beautiful, well decorated and atmospheric apartment on the edge of nature. I was quite nervous, but she put me at ease easily. She has a beautiful smile with matching twinkling eyes with which she immediately made me feel the butterflies in my tummy. She took the initiative and soon we were chatting very pleasantly, as if we already knew each other quite a bit, about everything. Isa really has something to say, but can also ask more questions. This made me feel so familiar with her that very personal and sometimes difficult topics were also discussed.

We enjoyed “a glass” of champagne at the table, in the hot tub and in bed. The date felt like one organic moment in which different phases flowed into each other. Isa always knows how to usher in the next phase in a subtle way. In the few hours that we have been together, I have completely loosened up. Hopefully the image of her lying next to me, looking at me with her twinkling eyes, never fades from my retina. I am writing this review, not lying, with a big smile. I’ll meet with her again soon, and then for a little longer, at the risk of really falling in love with her.

Isa lives up to all expectations

Recently I had a lovely, cozy and above all a wonderful date with Isa. She receives you in a tastefully and luxuriously furnished apartment with full privacy. Free parking available in the parking lot next to the apartment. Upon arrival there is a delicious bottle of champagne on ice and you immediately feel at ease. What a beauty, exactly as in the pictures on her beautiful website. Sweet, interested and naughty. In the cozy living room she receives you and breaks the ice with a nice conversation. Then she changes into beautiful outfits, this beauty has a penchant for beautiful lingerie!! At the right moment, the conversation moves to the bedroom, which leaves nothing to be desired. Nice music and atmospheric lighting complete the picture. It’s not fancy to dwell on intimate details, but trust me, she lives up to all expectations. Therefore the next date is already scheduled…

I was instantly sold

While surfing on the internet I came across the site of Lovelyisa. I was instantly sold after I saw all her beautiful photos. I contacted her via Whatsapp and she responded very quickly. We have searched for a beautiful location together. This was easy to find and parking, great! The date, I was a little bit nervous if she would be the same as in the pictures but that was a 100% match. It seems like we already knew each other for years, it felt so relaxing and we had a drink. After that we took a bath together. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, she is such a beautiful appearance, someone you can really fall in love with! What happened then I will keep to myself but I really enjoyed it!!! She is sweet, lovely and very delicious. Then we chatted about anything and everything. Isa is someone you can trust and she really enjoys life. You will definitely see me again! With a very big kiss. R

An evening with Isa is unforgettable!

I was a bit nervous beforehand. However, once arrived, Isa quickly took all nerves away. Her sweet caring personality and beautiful appearance results in a dream girl. I am not going to go into the details but every minute with Isa is simply fantastic.

Isa is highly recommended!!

Isa is exactly what you may expect from a high class escort. She is pretty and has a lovely personality, she is open minded and reliable. Her appearance is exactly the way she looks like in the photos and wishes are negotiable.

My boyfriend and I had a very exciting and fun date with Isa. It was the first time we had a trio but in our opinion definitely worth repeating. And it’s all because the evening with Isa went very naturally and casually, wishes were respected and there’s kind of a vibe between us.

In short, Isa is highly recommended!!

Isa is the one for you!

We are a couple and we have been together for a long time. Between the sheets we are still having a great time, but we wanted it to be a bit more exciting. Our fantasy was to make love once with a woman. We ended up with Isa and made an appointment at her location. We were so excited, would our fantasy also yield beautiful memories? Well Isa has made our dreams come true!

From hello to goodbye it was all very relaxed and pleasant. Isa is a beautiful and disarming woman who makes you feel completely at ease. There are photos and videos of Isa on her website and on Twitter, but we think she is even nicer and prettier in real life. After a pleasant hour with champagne, the time in the bedroom was also memorable. It all felt so natural and relaxed. It was really delicious and I can’t imagine what could have been different or better. In short it was perfect and that was all because of Isa. So all the superlatives already mentioned in all the reviews are just true! She is sweet, entertaining, pretty, erotic and open minded. So if you are thinking about pushing your boundaries as a couple, look no further, Isa is the one for you! We can’t wait to see her again.

For truly special moments

I am so glad I found Isa to enjoy some truly special moments. Whenever I meet her it’s like entering a bubble with nothing on my mind other than just her and me. I enjoy her lovely personality and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Our intellectual connection makes our time in the bedroom even more special. She is a real gem and I look forward to seeing her again soon.

In one word magnificent!!

Traveled from the east of the Netherlands to Loosdrecht for a date with this beauty. In advance, the contact was clear and prosperous and when I arrived a lovely spontaneous Dutch lady was waiting for me in the doorway. From the moment I saw her it felt very familiar. She puts you immediately at ease and takes good care of you by means of a snack and drink. She is a real beauty queen with whom you have a wonderful time. Nice and relaxed and she completely connects to you. I hope to see her again very soon. Be protective of this lady.

We love Isa

After two very nice dates with Isa, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to ask Isa to come along with us on holiday. This was a very good decision and a great experience. Isa is a real treasure with a lot of people skills, patience and passion for her work. With Isa every day’s a party. A life-changing event for us and we certainly have to thank Isa for that. We love Isa ❣️

Congratulations Isa

Isa, I have to recognize, you have great “situation management” even more for Dutch standards.
Congratulations for that!

Absolutely worth repeating

It was a great date with Mila, she is such a wonderful sweet girl. Mila is doing everything possible to please you, the contact was smooth. Absolutely worth repeating.

The greatest threesome with Mila

Isa! Wanted to say THANK YOU for setting us up with Mila. She was warm and sexy and fun and genuine. We had a great time. And thank you for making setting everything up so fun and easy. For my wife and I, making the arrangements is when the fun begins and you made that part delightful!

d and m

Fantastic threesome with Melanie and Mila

It was really super pleasant with Melanie and Mila! Thank you for your advice and ‘guidance’. My compliments to you and your professionalism but especially your personal approach. That gives me confidence and that feels very nice.

Elise is a real beauty!

I made an appointment with Elise for the third time within 4 months last week. We met at a beautiful location with private sauna and jacuzzi. Where I was spoiled and teased by her alternately in the jacuzzi, sauna and bed. Wonderful to experience this with her. Elise is a really beautiful woman who feels very well what you are experiencing or feeling, she makes sure that you get super horny and then responds on that very nicely!

Champagne hour with Elise

I got to meet Elise and yes, how should I put it. A-4 hour date went by so fast. She is a very sweet girl you can talk with her for hours. You immediately feel at ease with her. She is also a very pretty lady with whom you can cuddle and the the full discloser is just great. All in all it is a very nice sweet pretty lady with whom you have a very, very nice time. Just great, but but that is to be expected with Isa as an example.

Elise, she is so divine

The date with Elise was my second appointment with an escort, so I was still quite nervous. All the nerves were gone after Elise started talking. Se is very relaxed and quickly made me feel at ease. It was wonderfully relaxing in the jacuzzi, and she also knew exactly what to do in the bedroom. She looks very young and cute in the pictures, and she is, and she looks divine anyway, but that can make you underestimate her –  but it’s nice to see her adjusting that image.

Amazing date with Elise

Thank you!! This was amazing!! I don’t remember feeling so connected to someone! I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Amsterdam to see Elise!

Short escape with Olivia

I have only one word for this experience. Just awesome to say it in Belgian. Communication and service were top notch. The appointments were kept.

And Olivia was just the max. Thank you for this recommendation. 

Handsome, sweet, gorgeous, sexy and everything you need. 

Thank you again and see you soon.

Until we meet again

From the moment we saw each other, it was great fun. And casual.

A beautiful elegant woman who takes your nerves away with the most effortless ease.

The date was classy but sassy, as was her outfit. Truly a beauty to behold. Teasing was the magic word, which resulted in a wonderful passionate lovemaking experience.

Olivia thank you for this wonderful evening, until we meet again

What a date

Wow what a blast this was what a lady what a personality and what a sex drive.

Queen Olivia

What a fantastic evening I had with the Queen of pink Miss Olivia !

Not only is she stunningly beautiful with a great smile and perfect body, but the vibe was highly on point, which is key to a relaxing time.

We took our time to get to know each other and explore each other, and the climax we shared was something else !

If you are a fan of sexy lingerie then Olivia is definitely the one for you, a great collection and she knows her stuff, and everything looked fantastic on her.

12/10 for Olivia xxx

Also 5 star rating to Isa, great service with clear communication and all needs met, definitely will be back.


I was in the Netherlands and had the privilege of spending a (too short) evening with Olivia. I was a bit nervous, but Olivia made me feel at ease.

She is such a sweet, naughty, funny, smart, sensual and sexy woman and I really feel lucky I met her. Did I already say she is gorgeous?

Thank you Olivia for a brilliant evening and I hope we meet again.

Chloe, wonderful kisser

Isa suggested Chloe (“really nice”) to be my date. But really nice was much too modest: she is really really nice, and very beautiful, and also very sweet. It sounds a bit of a cliché but there was an immediate click. She kissed wonderfully, the communication was very smooth (and yes, we ‘just’ talked to each other), she was very intense, and brought some nice toys with her. It was a pleasure to spend four hours with her, and another cliché: the time just flew.

Wellness date with Chloe

Yesterday, I was privileged to enjoy a wonderful evening of wellness with Chloe. Chloe is a beautiful woman with whom I immediately felt at ease. Had pleasant and amusing conversations, in-depth and also laughter. I wasn’t able to fully relax due to the busy week, but nevertheless enjoyed the pampering of each other immensely. Thanks lovely Chloe and see you soon…x


I had a great time with Chloe. She was very nice and we had a great conversation. She is very beautiful and the intimate moments we had were breathtaking!

A very successful date with Eve.

I enjoyed the date with Eve immensely! She really is so extremely kind and pleasant to be with. And really cuddly. Furthermore, I found her very pretty, she has a beautiful lovely face. And in terms of body, I found her absolutely mouth-watering, wow what delicious, feminine shapes she has! And she felt delightfully soft. For me it was really the nicest ‘paid date’ I’ve had, so all in all very successful.

Melanie, fantastic experience

Melanie, what a super woman she is! It was again a fantastic experience. Thanks for the confidentiality and arrangement Isa!

Fantastic threesome with Melanie and Mila

It was really super pleasant with Melanie and Mila! Thank you for your advice and ‘guidance’. My compliments to you and your professionalism but especially your personal approach. That gives me confidence and that feels very nice.

Anna is amazing

Anne is awesome, thank you and her so much.
Worth every penny.

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