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I’ve already announced it on Twitter! After a wonderful 10 days in the Maldives with one of my favorite couples. I have decided to slow things down this month.

That implies I don’t make last minute bookings, I will only date by appointment. I rather date for several hours, so we will have the opportunity to take time for each other and make it a real date.

Six months ago I bought my first apartment and I had to renovate a lot. I have a dog and a horse, it also takes a lot of time. And I am also working on my webshop and there’s also my book that is coming soon. All things considered made me decide to take it a bit easier for a while. Call it a little vacation. #metime

So I will be a little less present on social media and will not post a blog every two weeks.
I am going to indulge myself with a daily appointment with my personal trainer, healthy dishes and lots of massages and maybe a few days off.

I look forward to a fantastic date with you, but by appointment.

Lots of love!

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