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It took me a long time to decide whether I wanted to post this. I am certainly not naive but I have been swindled by a customer.

I met this customer at the beginning of May 2019. We went out for dinners and we did all kinds of fun things. We spent a lot of time in beautiful hotel rooms and he got a stellar payment history. He booked overnights and the sky was the limit.

Then he asked me if we could start an arrangement, twice a month for a certain ​​amount. I agreed because we really had a blast. Good conversations, good sex and great times together.

He also said he wanted to help me finance a house. I paid him, instead of the bank, every month mortgage with interest, a win win. I was thrilled with this “opportunity.” I was looking for nice houses and in the meantime he asked if we could go to Fuerteventura together for a week to learn me how to kite surf. I immediately said YES and went on vacation with him for one week.

But the payment was not on my account yet. He said this was handed over by his secretary and this is going to be okay. I trusted him and didn’t want to be difficult. And after all, he would help me with my house.

In the meantime I had made a bid for a house and this bid was accepted. The week after our vacation I would sign the contract. Of course I had made a loan agreement and everything looked fine. I signed the contract for the house and the two of us went to a luxury hotel for a weekend to celebrate. The withdrawal period was over, but I still didn’t receive any money, not from the holidays or for the house.

I got a gut feeling and started to ask him about it. He even sent me a proof of payment. (Afterwards I discovered it was fake) He kept claiming the money was on its way. I was so scared because I had signed the contract so I would be stuck with a 10 percent fine. I remained polite because it was the only thing to do. It was a terribly uncertain and grueling time. The best man claims, to this day on, that he is going to pay. But he has left me with a huge debt.

I was so disappointed, how is it possible that someone can lie like that, how can you consciously do this to someone. I engaged a lawyer through PG292, an organization for sex workers. He helped me through this period. It was tough because I love my job and I felt dirty, used and manipulated. The court has ruled he must pay me back the x amount. It has been seized and hopefully everything will come together.

I’m sorry for what happened. I normally choose to believe in the goodness of men. This hasn’t been very good for my self-esteem and now I have a more stringent payment policy. I no longer make exceptions. A payment must be made immediately and with trips I ask for a deposit of 25%. I don’t make exceptions for having a connection.

I hope by sharing that other girls will be warned and can learn from this. I was ashamed for a long time because was I so naive now? No! This man was really good at manipulating. I learned a lot and even though you have a connection, I still have to remove emotion from business. Unfortunately, this has been a hard lesson. Fortunately, I was still able to obtain my rights through the lawyer and hopefully the money will be in my bank account one day.

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