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Yes! It’s always so cool when new trips lie ahead. Early December I’m going to Curaçao with a couple! I still consider it very special to be invited for a beautiful holiday. I’ve known this couple for two months now and from the moment we met we felt an connection. And this connection tells me it will only get better.

I received an message on my phone:

“Dear Isa!

It’s beyond special but we realised we are in love 🙃. In love with the adventures with you and also on each other. Very special, but we both think the adventure with you is one of the best things we’ve ever done. Looking forward to Curaçao!’

When I read this I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I am so intensely happy. making people happy with my company and that I can be part of this beautiful love journey. I am grateful for the profession I can call my work and I am very grateful to meet such lovely people.

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